ChurchHarmony® Member Directory

Custom Profile Fields. CSV import with field mapping. Members can manage their own info. Admin's can add private info. Pictorial member directory. Family units, search & sort, export, and more.

Custom Profile Fields

Store information with each member that they can either update themselves or you as an admin. This data can be hidden from the directory via 'hidden profile fields' so that you can store that behind the scenes data too if needed.

Using our form builder you can essentially ask any types of questions with various options and store the data. Custom profile field data also feeds into HarmonyFlo scheduling, the Birthday & Anniversary dashboard widget, and more.

Phone numbers and addresses are clickable for that quick call or text, or load up Google Maps and go.

CSV Import

Have member data in numerous systems, apps, locations? Merge them into a single .csv (comma seperated values) file and upload the data. This can include importing and updating the actual members, and their associated data with field mapping. You can easily map your csv data to a custom profile field previously created so that the data is stored on upload. You can even create family units on upload as well! 

Pictoral Directory

Folks can have their own profile image, as well as, have a picture for their family unit that they may be a member of. Simple upload from local files, even iPhones using the .heic format! Search, sort, export and print easily at any time.

Family Units

View the directory by family unit and see the members within a family. View the family unit by clicking the family unit name when vieiwng an individual profile. Update family unit's picture anytime. Family units also feed into our attendance module so that you can check in and out by family in a single click (or tap if using touch attendance!).


You can display your cotacts (non member profiles) within your directory so that folks can see that info. This is useful if you have a contact that still wants to stay in touch with your church but is not an active member. Maybe a previous member who moved away as an example. This setting can be toggled on / off by your local admin.

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ChurchHarmony® Mass Communication

Communication Amplified

Communicate in a central spot or at the member group level!
Online Chat

Simple 1 to 1 or group chat allowing your members to have a digital conversation with each other.

Dynamic Member Group Discussions

Connected Members & Member Groups are the core! Teams, Bible class, age, small group, participation and team events like Bible Bowl or sports leagues, etc.

Mass eMail

Send mass email easily and replace those 3rd party services. Send now or schedule later. Full html or content templates, send an attachment, and lots more.

Mass TXT / SMS Messaging

Mass text to folks and enable private 2 way messaging with your reply info. Great for praise reports, prayer requests, news, or those quick general updates.

Mass Voice All Call

Send automated phone calls of pre-recorded messages to your members.

Integrated Efficiency

Save Time

Numerous user friendly modules that are integrated with each other to save time and increase efficiency. ChurchHarmony® tools are built for your church with the end user in mind. For example, create an upcoming service schedule in HarmonyFlo, that honors member's preferences and black out dates, and easily associate it to your calendar event for this upcoming Sunday.

Packed with a powerful approval system for building out those schedules, you can know well in advance of your upcoming needs. 

Have a single spot to mass communicate with your congregation. Pick and choose your member groups, members, and non-member contacts. Your choice to send sms text, email, mass phone call, some or all the above. Innovative, Integrated, and Flexible.

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  • Recurring giving. Allow members to setup recurring gifts.

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ChurchHarmony® Dashboard

A church management solution packed with everything you need!

Gain more time to invest in your members and your community by simplifying your workflows and processes with ChurchHarmony's highly innovative features.